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Getting the 2013 summary out a bit late - too busy doing stocking stuffers. ^^ And work. And bettas. o.o Last year was pretty busy, and I didn't get anywhere near my writing goal. Maybe this year will be better {crosses fingers}. Still, I did get a few things out, so it's worth going back to see what they were.

The Story Index for reference.

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I'd rather post another story than a summary, but that's kind of how the end of the year went. Sorry about that. I've got one more huge work project coming up at the beginning of this year, sort of a sequel project, but hopefully it won't consume several months like this other one. And hopefully I don't catch a cold on the end of the project. When I read last year's summary post and that 2011 suffered in writing, and then I look at 2012... I'm *really* crossing my fingers that 2013 will be better! I think 2012 was a bit of a miss for a lot of us.

The Story Index for reference.

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I probably shouldn't... but what would you all like for a Holiday Wish? ^^

100-500 words for snippets or time stamps.

Time of completion not guaranteed for this month, though I will try. You can also put in requests for other things (like sequels or bunny completions), though priority may or may not get to them -- I've got at least three long ones I'm committed to finishing {cough, auction, cough}, but if the muse agrees, there's always a possibility. ^^

(You could also pick a random number between 1 and 23, which is one of my current list of bunny fics w/o stories ;p Some of those are longer bunnies than others, though.)
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Writing up my 2010 summary now (so that I can post my first 2011 fic, lol), and before I put up my summary, I wanted to know what you, the readers, thought of this year's fics, and what I should do in 2011. :)

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So here's a general question/poll for my fic-readers: How would you prefer I handle the um... more controversial of the side characters?

(Note - this is not a general meta question for all and sundry. It's specifically for my readers to get an idea of how I might approach some future fics.)

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Over in [livejournal.com profile] cw_land, the latest challenge is a "Big Bang" where we have to accumulate 100 points by writing fic or making icons or such and then posting them as a set to the community. It's not like I don't have plot bunnies breeding like crazy already (especially with the bingos o.o), but I want to have a bit more fun with this than just pulling a random bunny out. So I'm throwing the ball over to you instead and then you can knock it back to me. :)

Fill out the poll for a 500-word-ish fic, or icons, or wallpapers, and I'll do my best to fill your prompt! I'll leave this poll open until July 31, and I will try have have all of them posted by August 29. :)

If you have any questions, just let me know!

(And please do put a prompt in if you can think of one. It's a little hard to write something off a pairing alone. ^^; Prompt doesn't have to be anything more than a word or two - 'books', 'wool' - or it can be detailed. Up to you. :) )

[Poll #1592315]
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I've got three other stories to write this month, but I just kindof adore the comment fics, so... I'm throwing it open again. ^_^ (Darn Sue anyhow! ^^)

This one will be open from January 4-January 8 (Monday-Friday). No more entries after that point. I'll post them randomly during the month of January, at random times (rather than waiting until they're all done). - on hold until the [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti fics are done.

Details about this selection set under the cut.

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I finally did my 2009 Writing Meme about my writing this year (possibly should have posted it in this journal instead of the main, but... ah well). In the middle of it, it asked me what my most popular fic was. I thought that was a better question for the readers than the writer. ^^ And while I'm at it, I also wanted to know what *you* would like to see written in 2010! So, a poll! :)

Happy New Year!

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