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Title: Heartbeats
Fandom: Smallville/DCU - Characters: Conner, Clark/Lex, Hope, Mercy, Cassie, others
Rating: NC-17 for violence - Words: 17,180
Type: drama, adventure, angst
Warnings: CHARACTER DEATHS! See hidden notes for more details if you need them.
Spoilers: General first few seasons.
Summary: Time is creeping by with no action from Lionel, and Clark and company continue on from where they were, but uneasily. There is family and friend bonding over normal things, and the Clex gets closer. Then, all their fears come true as Lionel finally takes his revenge. "Your father took away my pawn. So... I'll take the knight, rook, bishop, and even his queen. It's a fair price to pay, for my pawn."

Next in the Not A Villain series after Changes Unfathomed. 11th in the series (12th if you count the prelude). This isn't the end – there's about three more left. (See the Master Post for links and summaries to all stories.) Betas by Sue Dreams and Tainry. Cross-posted to Archive of our Own.

Hidden Warning Notes: (roll mouse over space below to reveal the hidden warning)
Two-thirds of the story is regular things, with family and friend bonding and normal, everyday for them things. The climax doesn't come until late in the story. I tried not to be too extreme on it, but there are a lot of incidental deaths as bombs go off. Of the characters we know and love... Justice dies, but it's quick. Mercy is wounded. Hope is unknown. And Lex... Well, Lex dies. But we all remember what Lex's meteor power is, right? There is angst, as Kon goes through his own wounding while realizing about the others, but then things get better and the story ends on a hopeful note.

Heartbeats )
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Title: Changes Unfathomed
Fandom: Smallville/DCU - Characters: Conner, Clark/Lex, Hope, Mercy, Cassie, others
Rating: PG - Words: 22,432
Type: drama, adventure, au
Warnings: none
Spoilers: none
Summary: Life moves on: Conner trains, Clark changes, Lex lets them in… still, the enemy is out there. (Takes place during Phased Worlds, back on the other side.)

Next in the Not A Villain series after Phased Worlds. Well, takes place at the same time as Phased Worlds, actually. Returning to our main cast. 10th in the Conner series, "Not a Villain" (11th if you count the prelude). (See the Master Post for links and summaries to all stories.) Cross-posted to Archive of our Own.

Changes Unfathomed )
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Title: Explosive Secrets
From: To Be Revealed! [livejournal.com profile] tallihensia
For: [livejournal.com profile] twilighthdfan
Type: Fic, 11,000
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Summary: An explosion reveals secrets that Lex would have preferred to remain concealed. Now that they were revealed, however, Clark was determined to be a part of them.

Request: see notes
Giftee Notes: Request was for a gift with Conner in it and a happy ending. I was originally going to go with one of the more detailed prompts but that story got too long. And then this one grew too. Hope you like it!

Explosive Secrets

Clexmas Link: http://clexmas.livejournal.com/87761.html

A03 Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/1151772

All other Clexmas fics listed at: http://clexmas.livejournal.com/90568.html

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Title: Making Plans
Fandom: Smallville/DCU - Characters, Pairing: Conner w/Clex
Rating: PG - Words: 20,523
Type: drama, adventure, au
Warnings: none
Spoilers: none
Summary: Now that Lionel Luthor has been revealed, the League and Lex must make plans... and Conner learns that he has some growing to do.

8th in the Conner series, "Not a Villain". (See the Master Post for link and summaries to all stories.) Betas by Ronda and Sue. Cross-posted to Archive of our Own.

Making Plans )
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Okay, the Clexmas reveal has gone up so I can post the links to the stories now. :)

For Clexmas I did two stocking stuffers, and one long fic.

The first stocking stuffer goes along with [livejournal.com profile] ctbn60's card manips, so you probably want to go look at those first and then see what the boys did after. :)
A Christmas Card for Lex
Clark's Gifts, continued
Lex Strikes Back
Clark's the Best
R Ficlet 405 words: Card Effects

The other stuffer is kidfic - Clex with Conner.

G Ficlet 775 words: The Pirates and the Sea Dragon

The long fic was written for [livejournal.com profile] tasabian and it ended up... long. ;D

Title: Snow Trials
Type: Fic, ~13,000 total
Rating: PG
Warnings: The story has some angst at the beginning and off-screen deaths (nobody we know). (FYI, No matter what Clark thinks at the beginning, this is NOT a major character death fic.)
Summary: After chasing off aliens from an attack on Earth, Clark heads back to the planet to deal with the fall-out. When he goes to find Lex, Clark gets trapped and then they must work together to find a way out.
Request: Clark and Lex forced to work together.
Notes: AU off end season 3, many years later. It, ah, went a bit astray from the prompt, though it kept to the main idea. Mostly. ^^;; Hope you enjoy! (Much beta love to [livejournal.com profile] sue_dreams for the ultra-last-minute work!)

: : Snow Trials

The rest of the Clexmas gifts can be found at:
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Title: Islands
Fandom: Smallville - Characters, Pairing: Conner, Clex
Rating: G - Words: 8,984
Type: drama, adventure
Warnings: none
Spoilers: none
Summary: Clark is back from a trip across the Galaxy and there’s something different about him. The reason is more earthly, though, and Diana sets herself to figuring it out.

Islands )
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Title: Clone to Kent, A Process
Fandom: Smallville - Characters: Kon, Clark
Rating: PG - Words: 3293
Type: drama, angst
Warnings: none
Spoilers: none
Summary: KN-5 was the strongest of the clones, the most able, the one who could use his powers to kill. It was time for him to go out and fulfill the purpose for which he had been created. His target, though, had other plans for KN-5. For Kon. For both of them.

A prequel.

Clone to Kent, A Process )
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Title: The Marriage Project
Fandom: Smallville - Characters, Pairing: Clex (possible Tim/Kon)
Rating: PG - Words: 5,844
Type: crack, romance, humor
Warnings: utter and complete silliness. You have been warned.
Spoilers: none
Summary: Conner wants a mother. Or a father. Or whatever. He just wants Clark to marry again. Well, it would be again, but Clark was never married in the first place so Clark just has to get married period! Shenanigans occur as Conner tries to make this happen and Clark resists... until Lex steps in to save Clark.

The Marriage Project )
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Title: In the Now
Fandom: Smallville - Characters, Pairing: Conner, Clex
Rating: R?NC-17 - Words: 5,111
Type: drama, angst, romance
Warnings: none
Spoilers: General Smallville
Summary: Clark is at home after a harrowing adventure, only to find that life had gone on while he was away, and that he has some things that need fixing, if they can be.

In the Now )
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Title: Left Alone
Fandom: Smallville - Characters, Pairing: Conner fic, future Clex suggested
Rating: PG - Words: 17,826
Type: drama, adventure, angst
Warnings: Will need kleenexs at end of the fic (seriously, I did). (No, nobody dies, just past angst stuff coming out.)
Spoilers: General Smallville and comic stuff.
Summary: When Clark is called away on JL business, Conner rusticates in Smallville, learning a bit more of Clark and Lex's history. However, something from Metropolis follows him there and Conner calls Lex for help.

Left Alone )
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Title: Behind the Masks
Fandom: Smallville - Pairing: future Clex suggested
Rating: G - Words: 3,236
Type: drama, adventure, romance, humor
Warnings: none
Spoilers: none
Summary: Bruce worries about what Clark and Conner are getting themselves into with this new relationship with Lex, and he does some investigating of his own.

Behind the Masks )
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Title: Particle Steps
Fandom: Smallville - Pairing: Clex, w/Conner
Rating: PG - Size: 15,699
Type: drama
Warnings: none
Spoilers: general early SV, DCU Conner, Red, Ryan
Summary: Third in the Conner stories. Sequel to A Complicated Life and Not a Villain. Conner, Clark, and Lex take the next steps back to each other. During the travel, they learn more about themselves. Minions help… and enemies interfere.

Particle Steps )
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Title: Not A Villain
Fandom: Smallville - Pairing: pre-Clex, w/Conner
Rating: PG - Size: 11,778
Type: drama, adventure, romance, angst
Warnings: none
Spoilers: Some 1-2 season episodes, plus a few 4-5.
Summary: Sequel to A Complicated Life. Lex doesn't show up for dinner (big surprise), and Conner and Clark track him down.

Not A Villain )
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Title: A Complicated Life
Fandom: Smallville - Pairing: pre-Clex, w/Conner
Rating: PG - Size: 4,514
Type: drama
Warnings: none
Spoilers: DCU Conner back-story.
Summary: When Clark makes a discovery about Conner, honor forces him to tell Lex. Lex comes by to see for himself.

A Complicated Life )


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