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Sorry, most of the fics were challenge fics with later reveals and I forgot to post them all here too. Plus, I think more of you are here for the Smallville, so I haven't been posting the MFU as much when they're up. But with Clexmas, there's Smallville here too, so worth a post. :)

I'm starting to get my life back. (And my health.) I told my volunteer organization I wasn't going to do it another year, and I still have a few months to go, but it's a great relief to get that off. Back to fic and fandom! Much more of an interesting and happy world.

Under a cut just because there's nine of them. o.o Plus some older ones.

links and info on the nine fic wonder )
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Winter is cold and the Clex is warm and lasting. Clexmas is back for another year of exchanges. Details and timeline on the main post. :)

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After the seriousness of the last one, I had to do a quick silly one, just for the halibut.

A Mile Wide

g, gen, 760

Summary: Napoleon and Illya on vacations... UNCLE’s finest have a hard time *not* getting in trouble.

Notes: Just some brief pure fun for the halibut.

Title stolen shamelessly from Banned From Argo by Leslie Fish. “Their agents are UNCLE’s finest, and their record is their pride, but when they play, they tend to leave a trail a mile wide.” (original - *they/their = ours/our, *agents = crew *UNCLE = Starfleet - changes mine for the story relevance. and the silliness)
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Not to Talk

Man From UNCLE, tv series
gen or slash, PG for theme, ambiguously darkfic, 1.5k.

In their line of work, they never talked about certain things. That didn’t mean those possibilities weren’t something they faced every day.



Notes: This is a bit of darkfic, with an ambiguous ending. Not my normal sort of cup of tea, I’ll admit. I like happier endings. However, in the middle of a recent post by Rallamajoop (a marvelous piece reviewing the UNCLE tv series for the new viewer, going over premise, characters, the slash, the appeal, 50 years on), there’s a line about “not talking about it is simply how they deal with the ever-present threat that one or both of them could die in the line of duty”. It’s just one line out of a lot of meta about many, many things... but it stuck with me. I woke up with this ficlet running through my mind and while I normally redirect the darker ones into something lighter... after it persisted for the day, I decided it had to be written. Lighter fics coming another time. And, since the ending IS ambiguous... you can choose which way you want it to go. So it doesn’t have to be... that’s just one way it might go. As always, with them.

(Also, can be read as either gen or slash - just like the series ^^)
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Participated in two Valentine's challenges this year, one for MFU and one for TMFU. Posted all the Clexmas prompts but still have to write ficlets for them. I still have four days to do that. ^^

New Mission, New Trust

Man From Uncle, 2015 movie
Gen, pre-ot3 or any pairing. 4.5 k.

There’s a new mission approaching, but there are things unresolved from the old. Before they start out, Gaby wants to know if they truly can work together or not. In typical TMFU fashion, they get there in the end.

Runaway Milk Run

Man From Uncle, tv series
Gen, Illya & Napoleon friendship. 7+k.

While charting the perilous water of another Valentine’s Day, Napoleon and Illya are sent out on a milk run that ends up being not so easy as it was supposed to be.

I am vastly amused that they both ended up gen and g rated. LOL. Not where my mind wanted to go... but at least for the second, that was the request. I actually had to get Spikesgirl58 to read it over to make sure it was gen enough, because neither Tainry nor I could tell if I'd restrained my slashy impulses well enough. ;p
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The Clexmas gift I wrote this year was for MysticMcKnight. Prompts were Super powers!Lex. Lex discovers he’s not fully human from his mother’s side. Lex decides to quit being a Luthor so he can have Clark. I used one of these as the main base and slightly snuck in the other two on the side. ^^

Originally posted Jan 10 anonymously at Clexmas.


After many years of Superman and Luthor fighting, the end comes not as they would have expected. While Lex is dying, they reconcile. But life has one more surprise left for both of them... and the future is yet to come.

pre-slash to slash, Clark/Lex, PG-13, ~8k words

Warnings: Not actually a death fic, though it might seem like one at the start – don’t worry, everything works out in the end

Tags: Drama, Angst, Reconciliation, Future Fic, Not a death fic, Slight Silliness, crossing of tropes



I am rather stoked to say I didn't write any stocking stuffers this year. Yay. ^^ Go other Clex fans!
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And I totally forgot to list my 2015 Clexmas True Love snippets here too. Yikes.

- That's Not What I Meant! - for Old Fashioned Courtship
- Farmboys in the City - for Blind Date
- Billy Goat Gruff - for Astrological
- The Red Box - for Uncertainty
- Pandora - for Hope
- Want to Be Like That - for Holding Hands
(also part of the Not a Villain timeline)
- The Box - for Red

All shorts, from 200 - 900 words, mostly G, though The Box contains mature subjects (;p). All Clex, of course.

AO3 linked in the summary there.
Clexmas links to these and the others at: http://clexmas.livejournal.com/106786.html
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Man, I really sucked at posting these to the fic journal this year. Or last, rather. I suspect it's because mentally I tend to think of this as the Smallville posting area and these are all MFU fics. Plus, these were all done on time crunches during NaNo and for a bingo deadline. But if I'm going to have a fic journal, I really need to *use* the fic journal. Anyhow, here's the last of 2015:

Not Dead Yet
After Napoleon is captured and rendered helpless by a drug, Illya rescues him and keeps him safe through the recovery. Much cuddling ensues.

gen/pre-slash, Napoleon/Illya, g, 8.5k


Wanting Too Much
A young soldier turned thief after the war, Napoleon goes to a black-market auction to sell a valuable painting... and comes away with something he didn't intend to buy – a Russian KGB agent. After an interesting night where they get to know each other, the next day finds them determined to do something to right some wrongs... but not all wrongs can be corrected that easily. As they work together, Napoleon learns some hard truths... but also comes away at the end with something more valuable than a painting.

nc-17, Napoleon/Illya, 22k


Still Remembered
12 years later they meet again. AU Sequel to Wanting Too Much

G, Illya/Napoleon, 2k


These next four were done for the bingo settings card in GYWO - I was pushing the deadline on them... ^^;

Art Lessons
Napoleon gets carried away while discussing art, and then Illya teaches him a lesson he won’t soon forget. About life, and history, and have and have not... and what friends can do for each other.

G, gen Illya/Napoleon, 1879


Chefs and Spies
While he’s away, Solo’s team devises a cover for him on their next mission that he’s not at all happy about.

G, gen, 846


Winter Mistress
Escaping from the enemy means facing the elements, and they can be even more dangerous, without meaning to. Napoleon and Illya do what they can for another day.

(Two versions of same story in the chapters. I was experimenting with TMFU and MFU differences.)

G, gen, 900 each


Spies and Thrush Drugs
Illya is given a drug by Thrush that not only affects him, but also those around him. Napoleon finds this out too late. It was, however, quite enjoyable. And they’ve had worse Thrush drugs.

NC-17, Illya/Napoleon, 2004

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Plus I posted my old NaNo theme song to AO3. ^^


Agents, Missions, and Hospitals

Getting hurt on a mission is enough to make a partner’s blood run cold. The aftermath and recovery, though, is almost as bad. Caring and trust makes it better.

gen/pre-slash, Napoleon/Illya, g, 5k


Chains Unbound

Sequel to Saying Thank You
After they get done with the mission in Istanbul, the four have some time for decompression, and Waverly has offers for Illya and Napoleon. Napoleon has to think about his, and he and Illya reconnect.

slash but g rated for this fic, Napoleon/Illya, 13k


Going Home

Illya goes home, and while there finds that home has many different ways of being.

pre-slash but can be read gen, Illya, hints of Illya/Napoleon, 6.5k

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I've been negligent in posting the fics here as well as AO3. Partly because I'd been posting so much Smallville here, it feels a bit weird to post the MFU as well. But mostly because I've been working primarily off my new tablet/laptop combo and it's still a bit weird to me, so the less back and forth I do on sites, the better at the moment. Getting more and more used to it, though.

I haven't abandoned the Smallville fics - promise. ^^ Just enjoying the MFU movie while it was in the theaters and the flush of new fandoms and fans. I've got all the pieces worked out for the stories I have in progress and will be getting back to them. This has been another heck of a year (I've had a few of them lately), and I'm neglecting a number of real life things as well. Escape in the fandom world is a good thing to have.

So, MFU stories in the last month:

To Sleep

As they wait to go on their next mission, the team splits up for some rest. Napoleon and Illya end up in the same apartment, which leads to some misunderstandings, some reflections, and later, some sleep.
  Illya yawned again, his stern face relaxing. “Your country has a saying about that…”
  “It’s British. But satisfaction brought him back - that’s American.”
PG, 7k

Saying Thank You

Napoleon reflects on his partner while waiting to rescue him. Afterwards, Illya has a unique way of saying thank you for saving his life. Napoleon thinks it’s a good idea... and after Illya saves him, returns the thanks.
(this was a pwp that spiraled out of control. waaaaaaay out of control.)
NC-17, 32k

Supposed to Be

After Napoleon’s death, Illya settles into his life without him... though it’s not quite as without him as he’d thought it had been.
(Obligatory Halloween fic, mfu style.)
PG, 3k
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Title: Same as Mine
Fandom: Man From UNCLE 2105 movie
Characters/Pairing: Illya, Napoleon
Rating: G Word Count: 10,000
Type: missing scene, pre-slash if you blink, illya angst
Warnings: none
Spoilers: Movie

This is from the end of the movie - don't read unless you've seen the movie as it contains MAJOR spoilers. It also won't make as much sense unless you've seen the movie.

Summary: They thought they were done with the mission, but not in the eyes of their handlers. Solo finds a way out for them, and Illya angsts.

“Back then, Napoleon had another chance to kill the Russian, and he hadn’t taken it, because it hadn’t seemed like the thing to do. Now, it seemed even less like the thing to do. Napoleon hadn’t rescued him from the frigid waters only to shoot him now.”

“Illya had never been a rebel before. It was a surprisingly comfortable position to be in.”

Posted on AO3

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I just claimed my own Clexmas card. Not like I don't already have at least three things I was supposed to finish by now (and I need to post the valentine's day fics here too, oops). But hey, all inspiration is good inspiration, right? :)

Masters / Doms / Slaves / Subs
Friend in Need
Sleeping Arrangements
Drugs / Aphrodisiacs
Fear of Flying / Heights
Dirty Talk
Farm Mortgage
Fencing Swords
Sleeplessness / Insomnia
Playing an Instrument
Bad Day
Cows / Cow Products
Gift Giving
Speech Deprived
Morning Sickness
Delivering Somewhere Weird
Holding Hands
Cooking Together
Animal Rescue

Amusingly enough, I just finished plotting out a bunny for a Clex slave fic. And no, I didn't manipulate my card. But I like it. :)

WIP Meme

Jan. 25th, 2015 05:01 pm
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When you see this, share 3 random lines from 3 WIPs.

Why not? Though the writing time is a little limited, they are being worked on. Well, the first two are. The third, we'll see.

3 WIPs, a few more than 3 random lines (just because I'm horrible at stopping at 3 )
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Long Fic, the Gift given this year (that needs a sequel, because I wasn't quite done... ^^;;;;)

fic G, 14k, Gift for MysticMcKnight! A Different Song

Summary: On the day of the meteor shower, Lex finds a different diversion other than running through the corn. This changes his whole life, and eventually, Clark's too.

Request: MysticMcKnight who wanted a story with Lex leaving the Luthor heritage behind and making his own life, and also a Superpowers!Lex as a Doctor Doolittle. The idea really appealed to me. :) Hope you like the result!

Author's Note: AU from the meteorites onward. The timeline starts out the same, but diverges from there. Some things in the later time line stay... but others change, because every change builds upon another.

6 ficlets from the stocking stuffers:

1. Stocking Stuffer #5: Arctic Night, G 924
- future fic, post-rift, cute

2. Stocking Stuffer #6: When's Christmas?, G 369
- future fic, Clex with Conner (well, mostly Lex with Conner thinking about Clark)

3. Stocking Stuffer #8: Presents for the Giving, G 1119
- no rift (or at least not obvious), sappy togetherness

4. Stocking Stuffer #9: Exhibit of Legends, G 1016
- future fic, like waaaaaaay in the future, reconnection

5. Stocking Stuffer #14: After the Holiday, G 434
- post series but ignores all that for just some fun home times after after holiday is done

6. Stocking Stuffer #15: Fixing the Broken, G ~1000
- season 3-ish, angsty pre-clex, yet with some hope at the end
(This is what happens when I have to write a stuffer at literally the last minute and am relying on songs for inspiration. There's very few truly happy songs out there...) (But there is hope!)

Plus two extras because I was ficleted out ;p
Stocking Stuffer #12: Memory Lane (episode caps)

Stocking Stuffer #13: Memory Lane 2 (actor caps)

All the other Gifts and Stocking Stuffers are at: http://clexmas.livejournal.com/103333.html

Go read, see, view, and have fun. :)
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Yes, Clexmas is back for another year. :) If you'd like to give and receive Clex this year, please sign up and join in the fun!

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Title: Mossy Mirror
Fandom: Smallville - Pairing: None. Gen-Clex
Rating: G - Words: 3,344
Type: drama, future fic
Warnings: none
Spoilers: end of S2, Exodus, and parts of beginning S3
Summary: Even as enemies, Clark still listens for Lex. When he can't find him, he goes looking... and finds him in the most unusual spot he can imagine. Lex has his reasons.

Notes: Future-fic, set 10 or so years after series. My usual seasons 1-3 canon only (though it doesn't really matter for this). For the Get Your Words Out community Bingo settings card. Image in notes below.

Cross-posted to Archive of our Own.

Mossy Mirror )
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Title: Heartbeats
Fandom: Smallville/DCU - Characters: Conner, Clark/Lex, Hope, Mercy, Cassie, others
Rating: NC-17 for violence - Words: 17,180
Type: drama, adventure, angst
Warnings: CHARACTER DEATHS! See hidden notes for more details if you need them.
Spoilers: General first few seasons.
Summary: Time is creeping by with no action from Lionel, and Clark and company continue on from where they were, but uneasily. There is family and friend bonding over normal things, and the Clex gets closer. Then, all their fears come true as Lionel finally takes his revenge. "Your father took away my pawn. So... I'll take the knight, rook, bishop, and even his queen. It's a fair price to pay, for my pawn."

Next in the Not A Villain series after Changes Unfathomed. 11th in the series (12th if you count the prelude). This isn't the end – there's about three more left. (See the Master Post for links and summaries to all stories.) Betas by Sue Dreams and Tainry. Cross-posted to Archive of our Own.

Hidden Warning Notes: (roll mouse over space below to reveal the hidden warning)
Two-thirds of the story is regular things, with family and friend bonding and normal, everyday for them things. The climax doesn't come until late in the story. I tried not to be too extreme on it, but there are a lot of incidental deaths as bombs go off. Of the characters we know and love... Justice dies, but it's quick. Mercy is wounded. Hope is unknown. And Lex... Well, Lex dies. But we all remember what Lex's meteor power is, right? There is angst, as Kon goes through his own wounding while realizing about the others, but then things get better and the story ends on a hopeful note.

Heartbeats )


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