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Title: Blowing Bubbles / Kryptonian Adaptations
Fandom: Smallville - Pairing: Clex
Rating: R - Words: 7,582
Type: humor (crack fic), silly, romance, drama, pseudo-mpreg, alien physiology
Warnings: alien differences, some variety of mpreg, sortof... no actual mpreg takes place. not exactly. you'll see...
Spoilers: none
Summary: Clark has a few alien biological differences... and his differences affect Lex as well. Kryptonian reproduction is involved in this story as they both learn to adapt and work with it and have some fun.

You can totally and completely blame this one on Sue Dreams. And, um, while it's written somewhat seriously in the fic... it's completely tongue-in-cheek writing and my own crack-fic for pure indulgence. Don't take it seriously. Really. Bonus points to those who spot the resemblance to what other hobby of mine this is a cross-over with. ^^;;; Beta by Ronda. Cross-posted to Archive of our Own.

Kryptonian Adaptations )
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Title: A Work of Art
Fandom: Smallville - Characters, Pairing: Clex
Rating: R - Words: 395
Type: future fic, romance, drawing
Warnings: none
Spoilers: none
Summary: Clark likes to draw on Lex.

A Work of Art )
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Title: Pancake Love
Fandom: Smallville - Pairing: Clex
Rating: Hard R Words: 7536
Type: AU future fic, romance, domestic
Warnings: MPREG!!! Spoilers: none
Summary: A slice-of-life in the lives of Clark and Lex. From their reunion to life together, they are very much a couple. But when Clark gets sick, they need to figure out the next steps in their lives.

Disclaimer: Only mine in my dreams. ^^ This story was written for free entertainment purposes only and may not be reproduced for profit or altered without permission.

Notes: AU future fic. Splits from Smallville canon at Season One, Stray (1.16). Takes place nine years later. Written for [livejournal.com profile] clexmas and posted there first. Is now cross-posted to Archive of Our Own.

Link to Pancake Love

Go see all the wonderful Clexmas Gifts and Stocking Stuffers! We had an amazing number of author/artists (15!) and quite a range on presents.
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A set of ficlets and an art piece were done for the [livejournal.com profile] clexmas Stocking Stuffers.

Come Out And Play : PG, Fic Words 315

Living Flame : R, Fic Words 306

Heading Home : G, Photo Manip

As It Should Be : G, Fic Words 156

To Reach Out : G, Fic Words 187

More ficlets and art from Sue Dreams, TwinsAreIn, and Ctbn60 are listed at the Stocking Stuffer Mini-Reveal
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I was having trouble with my story for CLFF Wave 38, so I switched to making manips and some ficlets for the manips.

Clex, Clark, and Lex in the manips. One distinctly NWS, the others just suggestive.

Chains )

Merry-Go-Round )

Rugby )

Strip Poker )
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Title: Get Away
Fandom: Smallville - Pairing: Clex (Lex/Clark)
Rating: R - Size: 8,871
Type: drama, adventure, angst, romance
Warnings: none
Spoilers: general SV
Notes: AU after season 5-6ish, however I mix and match in here, so don't take all of it as canon. In particular, the rift happened but not as Smallville showed it; and they got over it, eventually. This is a post-reconciliation story; one of those hiccups along the way.
For the [livejournal.com profile] clexmas Spring Fling. Prompt at end of story (it's a spoiler, sortof). Also posted at Archive of Our Own

Summary: After another adventure gone wrong, Lex decides the best thing he can do for Clark is to leave Clark. Clark, naturally, objects to this.

Link to Get Away

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Title: Desert Mystery
Fandom: Smallville / Pairing: CLex (Clark/Lex)
Word Count: 9,212 / Rating: R
Challenge: CLFF Wave 35: Alternate Professions Challenge (choices at end)
Summary: Clark rescues a stranger in Egypt, which is no big deal, happens all the time... except this time Clark can't stop thinking about him. When Clark rescues the stranger a second time, sparks fly.

Desert Mystery 1/1 )
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I'm separating out my drabbles by pairing to make it easier on the searches. ^^

Titles: The Mint Farm | Appropriate Usage
Fandom: Smallville - Pairings: Clex
Rating: G, R - Size: 100ea
Notes: For [livejournal.com profile] sv100 - Challenge: Peppermint

Clex G - The Mint Farm )

Clex R - Appropriate Usage )
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Over in [livejournal.com profile] teamluthor, I promised people drabbles for completing a Lex puzzle. Here are the 7 drabbles for those who finished the puzzle. They're posted separately because of a size limit of 100-500 word drabble... uh, I tended towards the latter end more. ^^;; And one of them kindof got away from me entirely. o.o (Big surprise...) (well, two, but one *really* got away!) But I was mostly good!

Title: Time
For/prompt: Lynzie914 / Chlark Christmas
Rating: G | Size: 462
Summary: They gave each other the gift of time.

Title: The Bet
For/prompt: JlvsClrk / Clark giving Lex the puppy eyes (w/picture)
Rating: PG | Size: 453
Summary: Lex wins one bet and loses another.

Title: The Taste
For/prompt: Twinsarein / peppermint
Rating: um, PG-13? | Size: 365
Summary: Clark wants to know just what it is that Lex tastes.

Title: Pipe Dreams
For/prompt: CTBN60 / Clark seduces Lex (Lex is innocent)
Warnings/Spoilers: underage sex, slightly drunk sex
Notes: Um, that drabble kindof got away from me. o.o
Rating: NC-17 | Size: 2167
Summary: A not-quite sober Lex calls Clark to pick him up from a party.

Title: First Date
For/prompt: Twilighthdfan / first date
Rating: PG | Size: 572
Summary: Clark doesn't care that he's underage - he wants a date with Lex.

Title: Hate Me Some More
For/prompt: Adsum7 / "I like my Lex a little bit dark and a little bit Dom and my Clark not *too* innocent."
Rating: uh, PG-13? R? | Size: 358
Summary: Lex blows up an island. Superman chastises him.

Title: Familiarity
For/prompt: Sue_Dreams / timestamp drabble for Execution or Veil / or "first kiss"
Rating: PG | Size: 961
Summary: Set in the Execution AU world. After their visit to the museum, Lex is amused, Clark is worried. Lex has fun.


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