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This is the artwork for the Smallville Big Bang, which started last week and is going on for a month. My fic contribution is coming out in a couple of weeks.

Title: Bourbon on the Rocks
Author: SaitouLover (thomp284)
Artist: Tallihensia
Beta: kuroiyousei
Word Count: 17,283
Rating: Teen+
Pairing/Genre: Pre-Clex/Angst, Hurt-Comfort, Reconciliation
Warnings: depression, attempted suicide, and miscarriage, mentions of torture, non-con, and mpreg.
Author’s Notes/Warning/Disclaimer/ Spoilers: I do not own Smallville nor do I make a profit off of it. Smallville belongs to Alfred Gough and Miles Millar.

Lex heard the faint but distinct clink of ice against glass and he frowned. “You’re drunk.”

A breathy chuckle sounded from the other line, and the business mogul heard Superman swallow whatever was in the glass. “I am.”

“You can’t get drunk.” After two years of constant observation -- what some would call stalking -- Lex had been sure that getting drunk was impossible for the invulnerable alien.

“Given the right ingredients, I can.”

Link to Story: http://archiveofourown.org/works/1014775

story art under the cut )

This story was a very lovely one to work with as an artist, with imagery straight out of the title and then pulling in the elements from the story that the author gave me to read. I drafted a few different original art concepts for thomp284, and we went over them and then chose one base to go with. From there, we kept flipping through different character screen caps until we found ones that really resonated with the author for expression and mode of the characters and that I could work with on the piece and the balance. Cleaning it up for the fine detail and selecting fonts for the title were the last, not insignificant parts.

I really enjoyed working on it, and am very happy with the results, though it took a lot longer than I expected and ended up having to give up my second Big Bang artwork in favor of finishing my own story (lol, the hazards of doing both). But I hear the second author is happy with her art too, so all's well with that! And I've finished my own story now! Yay! Off to beta and it'll be polished by publishing time. ^^

Go read the story and leave comments for the author - first Smallville story! ^___^ Hopefully not the last by far.
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Another CW challenge - art for Texts from Last Night. When I found the quote... it was kindof a no-brainer. ;p I'd planned to do a bit more with the graphics, but my computer is still acting up on me.

image under cut )
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Technically, wallpapers and icons are not eating into my fic'cing time because I generally work on them while watching tv with my dad and brother. So yeah. They're mostly fun extras. ^^

three clex wallpapers )
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For [livejournal.com profile] help_japan, [livejournal.com profile] tasabian asked me to make a cover for her wonderful story, Absent Limbs. I loved this assignment since I pretty much adore all of Tas' fics, even from when I was back devouring the SSA and only knew her as Vivian Darkbloom. :) Absent Limbs is a wonderful mix of the DC Universe and Smallville Lex and Clark with aliens and a naked Lex in a box of goo and Clark out to the rescue but Lex doesn't just sit back and is just as heroic himself. And in the end, there is Clexiness for all. :) I very highly recommend this wonderful story! Making the art for it was a delight.

Also, last year for Tas' birthday, I made a cover for my very favorite of all her stories, Candy Cane Hearts. Sweet and cute and utterly adorable. Clark on RedK-lite, and he and Lex spend the day at Niagara Falls rediscovering their friendship and love. Ends in Clex and makes it as inevitable as the sun rising because they're just so perfect together.


Larger versions of both covers are under the cut. Please go read and enjoy the stories!

larger versions of the cover art for Absent Limbs and Candy Cane Hearts )
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The Astronomy Picture of the Day was particularly gorgeous today and it pretty much demanded some sort of creative work to be done with it. So... wallpaper.

[1200x1600 - with words]

[1200x1600 - plain]
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A set of ficlets and an art piece were done for the [livejournal.com profile] clexmas Stocking Stuffers.

Come Out And Play : PG, Fic Words 315

Living Flame : R, Fic Words 306

Heading Home : G, Photo Manip

As It Should Be : G, Fic Words 156

To Reach Out : G, Fic Words 187

More ficlets and art from Sue Dreams, TwinsAreIn, and Ctbn60 are listed at the Stocking Stuffer Mini-Reveal
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For [livejournal.com profile] cw_land, we had to do a picspam of our favorite scene. That pretty much has to be the hug scene from Phoenix when Lex returns to life and Clark's arms...

picspam - warning, very large graphic )
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I was having trouble with my story for CLFF Wave 38, so I switched to making manips and some ficlets for the manips.

Clex, Clark, and Lex in the manips. One distinctly NWS, the others just suggestive.

Chains )

Merry-Go-Round )

Rugby )

Strip Poker )
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Icons for the [livejournal.com profile] cw_land challenge. For [livejournal.com profile] jlvsclrk who asked for Clark expressions (lj moods) and [livejournal.com profile] sue_dreams who asked for hands. I'd meant to make more, but vacation ran up on me faster than I expected and the deadline too. o.o So posting what I did do. ^^

icons, hands and expressions )
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And now that all the stories are up at [livejournal.com profile] smallvillebbang... :)

This year was slightly panicky but ended up mostly okay. I should have started with my beta a lot sooner than I did, and I was taking my time for the two covers I was assigned when I was assigned a surprise third one, and then when I'd turned those three in, I asked if there were any more they needed... and got two more stories, both the first posts! Ack! While I was still getting new pages for the beta. o.o Not a whole lot of writing took place in late July, early August, lol.

And I'm throwing in a [livejournal.com profile] cw_land cover here too just because it wouldn't get posted anywhere else. ;p

on to the artwork, 8 pieces, all large size )

And that was the 2010 Big Bang! It was fun to do, and I'm glad I could help out with it. Hope the authors like their art. :)
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As I'm working on the 2010 art, I am blatantly reminded that I probably should have posted these (and will post the 2010 when done).

I consider myself to be more of a writer than an artist, but I do like to dabble on the other side too. Last year, I wasn't writing for BB, so I figured I'd volunteer for beta and art in case they needed it, since I knew there currently aren't a lot of active artists.

Turns out there *really* weren't a lot of artists and I ended up doing six covers. Yikes. This year, thank goodness, there are more artists (I think?) and I only had three. (Of the three, two are done, and I'm still struggling with the third one, which was the one that was my first choice and I really wanted to do. o.o Darn it. The art just won't behave! Gotta go finish beta'ing too. ^^; Big Bang deadlines!)

Anyhow, retroactively, here's the art from 2009.

lots of large sized posters under here )

Clex Icons

Jun. 15th, 2010 01:12 am
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I was watching Dante's Cove with my friend and making icons on the side. ;p So, have some Clexy icons...

Teasers: . . .

19 Clexy and Clark and Lex icons here )

If you'd like to snag, feel free. ^^ Just please let me know which one(s), and give me credit in the 'comment' part on the icon uploads for LJ.


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