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Sorry, most of the fics were challenge fics with later reveals and I forgot to post them all here too. Plus, I think more of you are here for the Smallville, so I haven't been posting the MFU as much when they're up. But with Clexmas, there's Smallville here too, so worth a post. :)

I'm starting to get my life back. (And my health.) I told my volunteer organization I wasn't going to do it another year, and I still have a few months to go, but it's a great relief to get that off. Back to fic and fandom! Much more of an interesting and happy world.

Under a cut just because there's nine of them. o.o Plus some older ones.

links and info on the nine fic wonder )
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The Clexmas gift I wrote this year was for MysticMcKnight. Prompts were Super powers!Lex. Lex discovers he’s not fully human from his mother’s side. Lex decides to quit being a Luthor so he can have Clark. I used one of these as the main base and slightly snuck in the other two on the side. ^^

Originally posted Jan 10 anonymously at Clexmas.


After many years of Superman and Luthor fighting, the end comes not as they would have expected. While Lex is dying, they reconcile. But life has one more surprise left for both of them... and the future is yet to come.

pre-slash to slash, Clark/Lex, PG-13, ~8k words

Warnings: Not actually a death fic, though it might seem like one at the start – don’t worry, everything works out in the end

Tags: Drama, Angst, Reconciliation, Future Fic, Not a death fic, Slight Silliness, crossing of tropes



I am rather stoked to say I didn't write any stocking stuffers this year. Yay. ^^ Go other Clex fans!
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Long Fic, the Gift given this year (that needs a sequel, because I wasn't quite done... ^^;;;;)

fic G, 14k, Gift for MysticMcKnight! A Different Song

Summary: On the day of the meteor shower, Lex finds a different diversion other than running through the corn. This changes his whole life, and eventually, Clark's too.

Request: MysticMcKnight who wanted a story with Lex leaving the Luthor heritage behind and making his own life, and also a Superpowers!Lex as a Doctor Doolittle. The idea really appealed to me. :) Hope you like the result!

Author's Note: AU from the meteorites onward. The timeline starts out the same, but diverges from there. Some things in the later time line stay... but others change, because every change builds upon another.

6 ficlets from the stocking stuffers:

1. Stocking Stuffer #5: Arctic Night, G 924
- future fic, post-rift, cute

2. Stocking Stuffer #6: When's Christmas?, G 369
- future fic, Clex with Conner (well, mostly Lex with Conner thinking about Clark)

3. Stocking Stuffer #8: Presents for the Giving, G 1119
- no rift (or at least not obvious), sappy togetherness

4. Stocking Stuffer #9: Exhibit of Legends, G 1016
- future fic, like waaaaaaay in the future, reconnection

5. Stocking Stuffer #14: After the Holiday, G 434
- post series but ignores all that for just some fun home times after after holiday is done

6. Stocking Stuffer #15: Fixing the Broken, G ~1000
- season 3-ish, angsty pre-clex, yet with some hope at the end
(This is what happens when I have to write a stuffer at literally the last minute and am relying on songs for inspiration. There's very few truly happy songs out there...) (But there is hope!)

Plus two extras because I was ficleted out ;p
Stocking Stuffer #12: Memory Lane (episode caps)

Stocking Stuffer #13: Memory Lane 2 (actor caps)

All the other Gifts and Stocking Stuffers are at: http://clexmas.livejournal.com/103333.html

Go read, see, view, and have fun. :)
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Title: Mossy Mirror
Fandom: Smallville - Pairing: None. Gen-Clex
Rating: G - Words: 3,344
Type: drama, future fic
Warnings: none
Spoilers: end of S2, Exodus, and parts of beginning S3
Summary: Even as enemies, Clark still listens for Lex. When he can't find him, he goes looking... and finds him in the most unusual spot he can imagine. Lex has his reasons.

Notes: Future-fic, set 10 or so years after series. My usual seasons 1-3 canon only (though it doesn't really matter for this). For the Get Your Words Out community Bingo settings card. Image in notes below.

Cross-posted to Archive of our Own.

Mossy Mirror )
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Title: Past Time
Fandom: Smallville - Pairing: None. Gen-Clex
Rating: G - Words: 1,000
Type: drama, future fic
Warnings: none
Spoilers: end of S2, Exodus
Summary: Sixty years after his life changed, Clark gets a note that returns him to his past – and his future.

Notes: For the community A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words. The challenge was to write a story exactly 1000 words inspired by a picture. My pic was a door with goat knocker (on Flickr, all rights reserved). We didn't have to be literal, just inspirational. I like a little bit of literal with my inspiration. ^^ I took it and went with this. AU after end Season 2, Exodus. Future Fic.

Cross-posted to Archive of our Own.

Past Time )
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Title: Explosive Secrets
From: To Be Revealed! [livejournal.com profile] tallihensia
For: [livejournal.com profile] twilighthdfan
Type: Fic, 11,000
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Summary: An explosion reveals secrets that Lex would have preferred to remain concealed. Now that they were revealed, however, Clark was determined to be a part of them.

Request: see notes
Giftee Notes: Request was for a gift with Conner in it and a happy ending. I was originally going to go with one of the more detailed prompts but that story got too long. And then this one grew too. Hope you like it!

Explosive Secrets

Clexmas Link: http://clexmas.livejournal.com/87761.html

A03 Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/1151772

All other Clexmas fics listed at: http://clexmas.livejournal.com/90568.html

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Title: Owned
Fandom: Smallville - Pairing: Clex.
Rating: NC-17 - Words: 3,071
Type: pwp, future fic, series, dub-con
Warnings: DUB CON! (Depending on how one reads those things)
Summary: In the last episode, Clark had enough of Lex's assumptions about who owned whom. Lex can't stop thinking about it. Then he doesn't have to think, as Clark comes back for more

Notes: Fourth in the Possession series, after His, Caught, and Not the Way. READ THOSE FIRST! Future fic, post-rift. AU after seasons 2-3, Lois is DCU. Betas by Tainry and Day221b – thank you very much! I really appreciate it.

Cross-posted to Archive of our Own.

Owned )
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Title: Choices in Chocolate
Fandom: Smallville - Characters, Pairing: Clex
Rating: G - Words: 1046
Type: college, future fic, romance
Warnings: none
Spoilers: none
Summary: Clark wants to get Lex something for Valentine's Day, but doesn't know how Lex feels.

Choices in Chocolate )
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Title: Oak Love
Fandom: Smallville - Characters, Pairing: Clex
Rating: NC-17 - Words: 1800 (the ficlets got longer the more of them I did ;p I kind of gave up on keeping this one inside comment length)
Type: pwp, porn
Warnings: none
Spoilers: none
Summary: Clark's anger at Lex is taken out on a nearby tree. Then they find another release for it as well.

Oak Love )
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Title: Twists and Turns
Fandom: Smallville - Characters, Pairing: Clex
Rating: NC-17 - Words: 1291
Type: pwp, porn
Warnings: tentacles
Spoilers: none
Summary: Lex makes a discovery about his friend Clark; a discovery that he has to explore more... thoroughly.

Twists and Turns )
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Title: Drunken Porn
Fandom: Smallville - Characters, Pairing: Clex
Rating: NC-17 - Words: 999
Type: pwp, porn
Warnings: none
Spoilers: none
Summary: "They were both exceedingly drunk. Drunk and watching porn together. That was really the only reason it happened, at least the first time."

Drunken Porn )
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Title: Around the World: Paris
Fandom: Smallville - Characters, Pairing: Clex
Rating: NC-17 - Words: 927
Type: pwp, porn
Warnings: none
Spoilers: none
Summary: Clark and Lex have a... creative... way to pick where they're going to have sex next. This time ends them up in Paris.

Around the World: Paris )
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Title: Pancake Love
Fandom: Smallville - Pairing: Clex
Rating: Hard R Words: 7536
Type: AU future fic, romance, domestic
Warnings: MPREG!!! Spoilers: none
Summary: A slice-of-life in the lives of Clark and Lex. From their reunion to life together, they are very much a couple. But when Clark gets sick, they need to figure out the next steps in their lives.

Disclaimer: Only mine in my dreams. ^^ This story was written for free entertainment purposes only and may not be reproduced for profit or altered without permission.

Notes: AU future fic. Splits from Smallville canon at Season One, Stray (1.16). Takes place nine years later. Written for [livejournal.com profile] clexmas and posted there first. Is now cross-posted to Archive of Our Own.

Link to Pancake Love

Go see all the wonderful Clexmas Gifts and Stocking Stuffers! We had an amazing number of author/artists (15!) and quite a range on presents.
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Title: Twilight's Secrets
Fandom: Smallville - Pairing: CLex
Rating: PG - Word Count: 8,680
Type: drama, futurefic, AU, reconciliation
Warnings: none
Spoilers: general first few seasons - specifically Shattered/Asylum
Summary: Lex is getting divorced again. Superman stops by and the two have a long overdue conversation.

Twilight's Secrets )
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Title: Pheromones
Fandom: Smallville - Pairing: Clex (Lex/Clark) (mention of Clark/Lois)
Rating: NC-17 - Size: 4,011
Type: drama, adventure, romance, a/u, hurt/comfort
Warnings: marriage vows broken (not Clex)
Spoilers: general early SV
Summary: Lex and Batman take on the Bee Queen. It doesn't quite end up the way they planned and Superman has to step in to save Lex.

Phermones )
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Title: Growing up Familiar
Author: [livejournal.com profile] tallihensia
Fandom: Smallville - Pairing: none. Characters: Superman, Other, Lex Luthor
Rating: PG - Size: 3,045
Type: Angst, Drama
Warnings: Um, could be read as a death-fic. Kind of?
Spoilers: general SV
Summary: Superman befriends a child and watches him grow through the years. But all is not as it seems.

Awesome cover by DanceswithGary! Thank you! Click for full size.

Growing up Familiar 1/1 )
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Title: First Word
Fandom: Smallville / Pairing: CLex (Clark/Lex)
Word Count: 508 / Rating: PG
Challenge: [livejournal.com profile] clexmas - True Love Fest, Prompt: $
Summary: "What's the first word when you think of Lex?"

First Word )
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Title: Once Upon a Dream
Fandom: Smallville / Pairing: CLex (Clark/Lex)
Word Count: 643 / Rating: G
Challenge: [livejournal.com profile] clexmas - True Love Fest, Prompt: Dream
Summary: In some universes, this is just a dream. What sort of dreams follow the worlds?

Once Upon a Dream )
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Title: Perfectly Normal
Fandom: Smallville / Pairing: CLex (Clark/Lex)
Word Count: 835 / Rating: PG
Challenge: [livejournal.com profile] clexmas - True Love Fest, Prompt: Heart
Warnings: Starts as a Deathfic (doesn't end that way)
Summary: It was a perfectly normal heart...

Perfectly Normal )
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This is a Clexmas pitch-hit gift for [livejournal.com profile] ladydreamer

Title: Misunderstandings
Fandom: Smallville - Pairing: Clex
Rating: NC-17 Size: 12,321
Type: short, romance, porn, daddy!fic, AU
Warnings: none
Spoilers: general SV, set mid-season two
Request: mpreg or single daddy!Lex, reversed roles (ex. rich!Clark/poor!Lex or hero!Lex/citizen!Clark), or old school shenanigans

Gifter's Notes: LadyDreamer didn't get a fic for Clexmas! And she's really really awesome and should most definitely have one. :) From her request prompts, I went with the daddy!Lex and rich/poor role reversal... but the characters wanted to do a bit more than the smoopy romance I initially had in mind! ^^; Darn those characters. ;D Much thanks to [livejournal.com profile] sue_dreams and [livejournal.com profile] twinsarein for the beta(s)! (And whom, btw, also wrote fics for it! The Stuff of Legands and Catalyst ^_^)

Re the AU - I'm playing fast and loose with the Smallville world, as well as a bit of DC. Base canon is what we learned in seasons 1-2, not any stuff from later. In this AU, Lex never went to Smallville, and other changes. They'll mostly be obvious as the story goes along. ^^

Summary: Lex Luthor is poor and has a daughter to care for. He can't hold down most jobs, so when a handsome stranger asked him if he'd be willing to bend his morals a bit and work for him, he said yes.

Link to Misunderstandings, Part One

- Part Two


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