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Sorry, most of the fics were challenge fics with later reveals and I forgot to post them all here too. Plus, I think more of you are here for the Smallville, so I haven't been posting the MFU as much when they're up. But with Clexmas, there's Smallville here too, so worth a post. :)

I'm starting to get my life back. (And my health.) I told my volunteer organization I wasn't going to do it another year, and I still have a few months to go, but it's a great relief to get that off. Back to fic and fandom! Much more of an interesting and happy world.

Under a cut just because there's nine of them. o.o Plus some older ones.

Smallville Fics

Snow Globe
Smallville, 1.7k, G
future fic, DCU mix, reconciliation, clexmas stuffer
An explanation for the green and purple and the things Lex has as a super-villain. With some inter-stellar mixture and alien views, and a very different world. All things are possible, in the future.
(one of my usual world blendings with some reconciliation...)

Eccentric Heroes
Smallville, 7k+, PG-13
AU future fic, college, romance, fluff, reuniting
After Lex leaves Smallville, life goes on for Clark. When he’s in college, though… that’s when things start to get interesting. Girlfriends aren’t for him… and steady jobs aren’t either, but maybe a returning Lex Luthor is.

The Greatest Secret
Smallville, 7k+, PG-13
future fic, kid fic, conner fic w/bonus, reconciliation eventually, book/movie fusion
At summer camp, Conner finds out his main rival at camp is just like him. And by just like him, that included all his super powers, as well as his looks. Conner and Carl work together to figure out the secret, and then untangle their mutual past, revolving to fix what had gone wrong and find their way to a family again.

Songs Beyond Time
SEQUEL!!! to A Different Song
finally, finally finished up the last third of that story!
Smallville, 8.5k+, PG-13
romance, other powers, sappy, action, h/c, reconnection, hope
12 years after A Different Song, Lex is back. Clark remembers him... will Lex remember Clark? With the world watching, they reconnect. For those in-between years, Lucas had replaced Lex by Lionel's side. He's not happy to see Lex back now. This might be a problem.

T/MFU Fics

The Intersection Between Death and Fear
The Man From Uncle (TV), 11k+, PG-13 for scary stuff
case fic and slah, eerie - halloween challenge
Illya and Napoleon are off on separate assignments. As Illya tracks death across the countryside, their cases intersect... and Napoleon learns what happens when a mad scientist makes a match of death and fear.

The next two were Xmas Exchange fics that... went a little astray, lol. I was planning on writing one MFU and one TMFU to balance things out, but I signed up saying I could do both, and I could also do OT3, and well, I guess there weren't enough others who could do that. ;p So I ended up with two TMFU OT3. I actually enjoyed the world-building on Wings in Trio more, but the more traditional Holiday Fun got more kudos and comments. That's life. ^^;

Wings in Trio
The Man From Uncle (movie), 6.5k, PG-13
AU Wing Fic (shifters), OT3, case fic, slightly rushed
A mission to retrieve a prototype goes a little awry, but as UNCLE's best, the trio can cope with that. Wings are spread, missions are flown, and with a little adventure in the mix, all will be well.

Holiday Fun
The Man From Uncle (movie), 11k+, PG-13
fluff and vacation, christmas, OT3
After a dangerous mission, Waverly offers his best team vacation. Illya isn't so sure what to make of that... but Napoleon has a plan, and Gaby is a stanch accomplice. What else is Illya to do but join with his team? In missions, the three had learned to work together. Without a mission, they learn to play.

Then a pair of fics I did just because. Mostly because I'd been watching the movie on repeat to write the other two fics and there was one missing scene that was bugging me...

Do or Die
The Man From Uncle (movie), 4k, PG-13
spies being spies, dashing around, how to do a cover
Missing scene from the movie from after the shipyard to the next morning. Napoleon and Illya and the in-between. Just... filling in some gaps. :)

There For You
The Man From Uncle (movie), 3.5k, PG-13
ptsd, comfort, character backstory, h/c, defining moments
In the movie, after Victoria leaves (after the ship yard incident), Napoleon has a nightmare/PTSD flashback. Illya, who was still monitoring, goes up to help him come back to himself.

Then I also put up a small slew (10) of older fics (like from 2000, older fics) on AO3. Mostly the shorter ones in random fandoms. Some of those barely got hits, let alone kudos, lol. Well, 18 years later, obscure fandoms. ^^

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