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I've been negligent in posting the fics here as well as AO3. Partly because I'd been posting so much Smallville here, it feels a bit weird to post the MFU as well. But mostly because I've been working primarily off my new tablet/laptop combo and it's still a bit weird to me, so the less back and forth I do on sites, the better at the moment. Getting more and more used to it, though.

I haven't abandoned the Smallville fics - promise. ^^ Just enjoying the MFU movie while it was in the theaters and the flush of new fandoms and fans. I've got all the pieces worked out for the stories I have in progress and will be getting back to them. This has been another heck of a year (I've had a few of them lately), and I'm neglecting a number of real life things as well. Escape in the fandom world is a good thing to have.

So, MFU stories in the last month:

To Sleep

As they wait to go on their next mission, the team splits up for some rest. Napoleon and Illya end up in the same apartment, which leads to some misunderstandings, some reflections, and later, some sleep.
  Illya yawned again, his stern face relaxing. “Your country has a saying about that…”
  “It’s British. But satisfaction brought him back - that’s American.”
PG, 7k

Saying Thank You

Napoleon reflects on his partner while waiting to rescue him. Afterwards, Illya has a unique way of saying thank you for saving his life. Napoleon thinks it’s a good idea... and after Illya saves him, returns the thanks.
(this was a pwp that spiraled out of control. waaaaaaay out of control.)
NC-17, 32k

Supposed to Be

After Napoleon’s death, Illya settles into his life without him... though it’s not quite as without him as he’d thought it had been.
(Obligatory Halloween fic, mfu style.)
PG, 3k
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