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About this Journal

Yes, I've made a Fic Journal. After spamming my poor friends long enough, I decided it was better to just spam those who want it. Over in my regular journal I've got a batch of random stuff, and it won't be much about fandom, so don't friend it for the stories. Here is the place to be if you want creative stuff. :) On this journal are all the fics, icons, artwork, and some of the meta. So feel free to come in, have a cup of tea, and enjoy the company while you're here. :)

At the moment, Smallville is the fandom with the primary pairing being Clark/Lex. Also, Man From UNCLE with Napoleon/Illya. You can find the stories at the current Story Index or you can browse by tags. I also usually post notices of new Smallville fics in one of the fandom groups: old_school_clex (if it meets the rules), sv_fanfic, and smallville, sv_slash and gotclex. MFU goes to Muncle or mfu icons or the canteen.

You can also subscribe to my AO3 account, faviconTallihensia.(You'll need to log in to see the subscribe button.)

Fic Philosophy - Smallville Style

Here are mostly individual stories with a few series. Some things will be similar between fics, but other things will be different. I try and mention the important things in the 'notes' section in each story.

Canon: I tend to use the Smallville canon primarily from seasons 1-3, though I will mix and match sometimes. Check the notes for details.

Characterizations: In general I use the Smallville Lex and the DC Clark with a Smallville background. So Lex can rise up to his potential of the Smallville, without being the insane idiot he usually is in DC, and Clark gets to be the Superman we like in the comics without the selfishness of the Smallville canon.

Also, if Lois is in the story... nine times out of ten it's going to be the DC Lois, not the Smallville one. I like the comic Lois. ^^ (I haven't actually *seen* the Smallville Lois for that matter ;p).

Comics: Speaking of DC, sometimes I'll throw a bit of the other DC worlds in. And occasionally a Marvel. ^^ I usually use silver-age comics as my main background, but there is no canon consistency in the comics, so I'm not bothering to try in the fics. Don't worry too much about knowing/not knowing the characters - I'll try not to do anything that shouldn't be obvious from the writing, like any npc in the fic.

Endings: I like happy endings. Not all the fics have them, because the Clex is fragile, and sometimes it breaks... but overall, I write to enjoy the fics, and that will mean despite some angst, there will be happy endings. I'll warn on the fics if it's not a happy-ending story.

Humor: Very few of the stories are labeled as 'humor'... however, most of them have some in it. I don't warn for that, and it'll be mixed in with the rest. Just fair warning. ^_^

Feedback: I love the feedback and hearing what you liked about the stories. I really do! It encourages me to write more. I'll try not to pester people for it, though, because I know what it's like to be a lurker as well! - I don't condemn anybody for reading and not commenting; the stories are here to be freely shared. Please enjoy.

Also, if there's something you want to see more of in fics, feel free to pester me about it. ;D The muse may not always cooperate... but it never hurts to check and see. :)

Feel free to email or PM me if you have any questions at any time! :)

For all stories posted to livejournal, please see the Current Story Index
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