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Sorry, most of the fics were challenge fics with later reveals and I forgot to post them all here too. Plus, I think more of you are here for the Smallville, so I haven't been posting the MFU as much when they're up. But with Clexmas, there's Smallville here too, so worth a post. :)

I'm starting to get my life back. (And my health.) I told my volunteer organization I wasn't going to do it another year, and I still have a few months to go, but it's a great relief to get that off. Back to fic and fandom! Much more of an interesting and happy world.

Under a cut just because there's nine of them. o.o Plus some older ones.

links and info on the nine fic wonder )
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Title: Breaking Smallville
Fandom: Smallville/Breaking In
Pairing: none (hints of past Clex)
Rating: G Words: 757
Type: humor, drama, a touch of angst
Warnings: none
Spoilers: Smallville season finale, episodes of Breaking In
Summary: Superman answers a cry for help and finds an old friend.

Breaking Smallville )
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For [livejournal.com profile] cw_land, we had to do a picspam of our favorite scene. That pretty much has to be the hug scene from Phoenix when Lex returns to life and Clark's arms...

picspam - warning, very large graphic )
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Stories were being a pain so I switched to playing around with icons a bit. Have a few Clex and Lex icons. ^_^ Not a lot this time (I found some older ones I hadn't posted before...), but hey, it's something.


3 Buffy and 30 Smallville - Clex and Lex and Clark and Kara and Jonathan and Martha icons under the cut )


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