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Over in [livejournal.com profile] teamluthor, I promised people drabbles for completing a Lex puzzle. Here are the 7 drabbles for those who finished the puzzle. They're posted separately because of a size limit of 100-500 word drabble... uh, I tended towards the latter end more. ^^;; And one of them kindof got away from me entirely. o.o (Big surprise...) (well, two, but one *really* got away!) But I was mostly good!

Title: Time
For/prompt: Lynzie914 / Chlark Christmas
Rating: G | Size: 462
Summary: They gave each other the gift of time.

Title: The Bet
For/prompt: JlvsClrk / Clark giving Lex the puppy eyes (w/picture)
Rating: PG | Size: 453
Summary: Lex wins one bet and loses another.

Title: The Taste
For/prompt: Twinsarein / peppermint
Rating: um, PG-13? | Size: 365
Summary: Clark wants to know just what it is that Lex tastes.

Title: Pipe Dreams
For/prompt: CTBN60 / Clark seduces Lex (Lex is innocent)
Warnings/Spoilers: underage sex, slightly drunk sex
Notes: Um, that drabble kindof got away from me. o.o
Rating: NC-17 | Size: 2167
Summary: A not-quite sober Lex calls Clark to pick him up from a party.

Title: First Date
For/prompt: Twilighthdfan / first date
Rating: PG | Size: 572
Summary: Clark doesn't care that he's underage - he wants a date with Lex.

Title: Hate Me Some More
For/prompt: Adsum7 / "I like my Lex a little bit dark and a little bit Dom and my Clark not *too* innocent."
Rating: uh, PG-13? R? | Size: 358
Summary: Lex blows up an island. Superman chastises him.

Title: Familiarity
For/prompt: Sue_Dreams / timestamp drabble for Execution or Veil / or "first kiss"
Rating: PG | Size: 961
Summary: Set in the Execution AU world. After their visit to the museum, Lex is amused, Clark is worried. Lex has fun.
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Title: Two Thanksgiving Drabbles
Fandom: Smallville - Pairing: Clex (Lex/Clark)
Rating: G, G - Size: 100ea
Original Posting Date: 11/26/09
Notes: For [livejournal.com profile] sv100 - Challenge: Thanksgiving. One sad, one sweet.

Title Summary Pairing Rating / Warning
Lex imagines what could have been. Clex G / angst
Another thing lost is found. Clex G / set in the Execution world

Link to the two Thanksgiving Drabbles

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Title: New Life
Fandom: Smallville - Pairing:Clex (Lex/Clark)
Rating: PG - Size: 7,401
Type: Drama, Future-Fic, AU
Warnings: none
Spoilers:general SV (seasons 1-3)
Notes: Direct sequel to Execution.
Original Posting Date: 3/12/09
Summary: Now that they've been reunited, can Lex and Clark really make it work, 200 years in the future? Expectations and presumptions need to be worked through first, and they have to adjust to their new lives.

Link to New Life

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Title: Execution
Fandom: Smallville - Pairing:Clex (Lex/Clark)
Rating: PG - Size: 12,700
Type: Adventure, Drama, Future-Fic, AU
Warnings: none
Spoilers: general SV (seasons 1-3)
Notes: For the 'Twisting The Twilight Zone 2009 Challenge' (Episode 1.26: Execution).
Original Posting Date: 2/28/09
Summary: Lex Luthor is in prison, about to be executed for his crimes against humanity. Or is he? ... 200 years in the future, can Lex and Clark come to a reconciliation when their past is long behind them?

Link to Execution

Awesome cover by [livejournal.com profile] danceswithgary :)


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