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Jan. 25th, 2015 05:01 pm
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When you see this, share 3 random lines from 3 WIPs.

Why not? Though the writing time is a little limited, they are being worked on. Well, the first two are. The third, we'll see.

Brothers Unbound (the next NotaVillian fic)

It was no great surprise, Lex was a horrible patient.

"No," Kon said firmly. "Dad says you should stay here." He then prepared himself for the next onslaught.

"Do you do everything your father says?" Lex sneered for a moment, then apparently reconsidered. "If so, I'm your father too, and you should do as I say as well."

Kon rolled his eyes. "Circular argument, no cookies. Look, DT, you're not going to talk me into it, so how about if we just play pinochle instead?" It was a measure of how bad off Lex was that his arguments were so weak.

Lex thinned his lips. "You can't keep me prisoner here."

Prisoner. Oh, geez. Kon threw up his hands. "You're not a prisoner!"

"Then why can't I leave?!"

"You can't even get out of bed!"

Stopover (Working Title is actually "Muffin Lex"... ;D)

The researchers were drifting back to their tables, fortified with more coffee and fresh muffins.

Clark moved over to Sophie's station. "Where did you find him?" he breathed, basking in the fresh fall of a new crush. He might as well enjoy it for the moment, especially since, with his luck, it wouldn't go anywhere. Considering the smile Lex had given Sophie, he was pretty sure the man was straight anyhow. "And how come you didn't know his name?" Clark added after a moment, his instincts sensing a story.

Sophie snorted. "I'm not entirely sure if I actually found him or I was run over instead." She proceeded to give Clark a brief synopsis of her early morning, complete with her disasters. As she described it, Clark was reminded again of what he liked about her. Reading between the lines of what she said, Clark knew how somebody else could have made a tragic tale of what had happened, with a concentration on how bad things were and the obstacles and a "poor me" whine with it. Instead of that, Sophie approached it with a light heart and a wry tone and laced the bad with the good and made it entertaining for her listener and not about her.

At the end, Clark was caught between laughing and horror. "You didn't ask... he just started baking on his own? That's... that's..." That was pretty ballsy, and kind of rude, actually.

Turning her hands upward to the ceiling in a 'what can you do' gesture, Sophie laughed ruefully. "I know, I know. And I normally wouldn't have stood for it from anybody, let alone a stranger. But... but the stuff he bakes is really good, and there's just something about him... he's so confident in it, just goes in and does it." She shrugged. "I count myself a fairly good judge of people, and he seems like the reliable type."

"Plus, you still have my backpack," Lex spoke from next to the display case, making both Clark and Sophie jump.

Lex grinned as he put the next set of muffins in, along with some pancakes. "Sorry. Yeah, I've got a bad habit of doing things like that. Feel free to stomp on me if I get out of line. Which, I guess I already passed awhile back. Good thing I'm cute."

"Good thing your cooking is as strong as your ego," Sophie shot back, making Lex's smile widen.

Untitled (Working Title: Haunted House)

The lights in the room flipped from the former pale orange to a purple black light. With a howl and shriek, ghosts streamed through the room, white misty shapes over their heads, disappearing into the wall beyond.

Silence descended but the lights stayed dark and purple, the white portions of their clothing glowing eerily.

The ghosts hadn't been all that scary, really, but Clark was disturbed all the same; he didn't know how it had been done. There was nothing he could see. Nothing, in fact, that he couldn't see – his x-ray vision wasn't going through the walls. Surriptishily, he crumpled a small corner of a wall to dust, making sure he still had his powers. He could also see through Lois and Lex, though walking skeletons weren't what he wanted to focus on.

Lex abruptly turned back to the next outgoing door and opened it, about to walk through.

"Wait! Lex… Luthor – what are you doing here?" Clark asked. A haunted house was not where Clark would have expected to run into Lex.

In the doorway, Lex paused.

You are Lex. Do you…
- Tell the truth. Why not?
- Evade the question. Snoopy reporters.


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